No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate cookies can be easily dubbed as the most famous cookies, and they can be a very excellent option as far as your daily breakfast is concerned. Most of you tend to rush to the nearby shops to buy these cookies, but an even better option for you is to cook them at your home. Most of you do not know, but it is actually simpler to prepare these cookies than an average breakfast. You just require a period of around 30 minutes at maximum to make these cookies and have a delicious breakfast.
No bake chocolate oatmeal cookies are even simpler to make as there is no baking time as with other ones. To add to this, they are tastier than most of the other cookies and are especially very popular amongst the kids. You just have to have confidence that you are heading in the right direction while preparing the no baked cookies and you will have it made with ease.
To help you further here is a detailed analysis of these no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies including the ingredients required, the nutritional analysis and most importantly the cooking procedure:

Ingredients for the Cookies

You need to have the right ingredients at your disposal to go about making the dish and to make your job easier; here is the list that you need to have a check upon:
• Granulated sugar around a cup and a quarter.
• Milk around half a cup to two-thirds of a cup.
• 8 tablespoons full of butter ( Have them in large pieces)
• Unsweetened cocoa powder around three to three and a quarter tablespoon.
• Peanut butter around half or three-quarters of a cup.
• 1 Tablespoon of the vanilla extract.
• Salt around half a tablespoon.
• Oats around three cups.
Nutritional analysis:
The dish has various health benefits and here is a brief look at the various nutrients that it contains in one serving (one serving is of 16.6 gm)
• Around 40 calories of which 9% is fat
• Total fat of around 2gm.
• 0.2 gm of saturated fat.
• Sodium around 6mg
• 20mg of potassium
• 6.9 g of carbs
• 0.9 g of dietary fibers
• Sugar around 2.1 gm
• Protein around 1.2gm
• Calcium around 1%
• 2% of iron
The procedure of making no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookie:
This is the most important but very simple part, and you just need to follow the below instructions to have the cookies at your disposal in no time.

Here is step by step cooking procedure for the no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies

• First, you need to take a heavy bottom pan and add milk, cocoa powder along with sugar and heat in gently.
• Boil, the mixture for three minutes, while also gently stirring to make sure that the ingredients are mixed properly.
• After heating, add vanilla extra, peanut butter along with oats and stir gently. ( make sure that you add these ingredients and stir while the mixture is still hot for better firming)
• Take advantage of a parchment paper to quickly spread the cookies onto them. Make use of the scoops while you are covering the no bake cookies on the parchment paper.
• After that allow the cookies to become till they become dry.
Now serve the cookies to your friends and family and enjoy a delicious morning breakfast without having to work that hard. You can also store the cookies in a dry place (preferably a refrigerator) to have them in the future.