Learn Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Chocolate cookie has always been a favorite of many of you, and you all like to have t in different flavors. Though, you are a bit resistant to try out new recipes which are indeed very appealing and tasty. One such new flavor which you must try is chocolate chip cookie that will leave a very lasting impact on your taste buds. You may find some fresh varieties of these cookies in any store, but it is even more enthralling to cook them by yourself.

It can even be even better for you to have it as a snack for a small get together where you can showcase you family and friends about your cooking knowledge and expertise. One of the other things with these chocolate cookies is that they take just around 15 minutes to cook which is way less than a traditional dish. Even when you are new at it and also looking to experiment, it takes 20 minutes to the max which is same as the time you need to rush to the store and buy it.

The ingredients that you need for Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

But one of the most important things that you need to ensure before started cooking is having all the ingredients in place. There are several ingredients that you require to prepare delicious cookies and here is a compiled list of them to make your job easier:

  • Half to three by a forth cup of the granulated sugar.
  • Three-quarter cup of packed brown sugar.
  • Softened margarine or butter around one or one and a half cup.
  • One tablespoon which is full of the vanilla.
  • A big egg
  • 2 cups of multipurpose flour.
  • Baking soda around one teaspoon.
  • Salt around half teaspoon.
  • Coarsely sliced nut around one cup
  • One packet of semi sweet chips of chocolate.

Nutritional analysis of the dish

Most of you have become very chary about your health these days, and the homemade chocolate chips cookies help you in maintaining good health. Here is the nutritional analysis of one serve of chocolate cookie:

  • Calories around 135.
  • 70 calories from the fat.
  • 8g fat.
  • 2 gm saturated fat.
  • 5mg of cholesterol.
  • 100mg of sodium
  • 16gm of carbs.
  • 1 gm each of dietary fibers and proteins.
  • 4% vitamin A.
  • 4% of iron.

Cooking instructions

The most important part for you is to learn how to cook these delicious cookies. It is quite easy for you to prepare these cookies and here are simple instructions to do so with aplomb and have a healthy snack with family:

  • The first job is preheating the oven to around 375F.
  • Then mix the sugar with butter in any large bowl, and you need to stir until they have mixed up thoroughly.
  • Then add egg and vanilla into that bowl and stir until they get mixed thoroughly.
  • Then add the flour and salt into the mixture, and you need to stir until the dough that you have becomes dry.
  • You shall also keep on pouring chocolate chips while stirring the dough.
  • Then you need to drop the dough onto a cookie sheet while maintaining a distance between them.
  • Then bake the cookies in the oven for 10 minutes (or until you observe that they no longer appear springy).
  • Then remove the cookies from the sheet and serve when they become cold.
  • These cookies are also freezer safe, and when you have an excess of them, you can store them fro future use.