How to Make Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

All of you love even the thought of having some cookies but you well know that they cause a bit of inflammation. So, what about the gluten free cookies that cause no any impact on the digestion system and are perfectly safe. Now, it is quite easy for you to prepare gluten free peanut butter cookies at your home to have a tasty and healthy and tasty snack in the mornings and evenings.
These gluten free cookies help you to have more energy while they do not have excessive fat which makes them a perfect snack. At the same time, they are quite easy to prepare at your own home just in the matter of minutes which makes them an even better option in your snacks menu. You just need to go by the given instructions to enjoy these gluten free cookies in the best possible manner.
Ingredients for the dish:
The most important thing for you is to have the right ingredients to bake this excellent recipe and have a healthy snack time with family. Here is just a glance at the table of contents to help you have them with ease:
• A medium size or large egg.
• Sugar around three-quarters of a cup or a full cup based on your taste.
• Baking soda around one teaspoon.
• Unsweetened Creamy peanut butter which is the essence of cookie.
• Gluten free extract of vanilla around half teaspoon
• Chocolate chips around a quarter of a cup or more based on your taste preference.
Nutritional guidance:
The dish has several beneficial nutrients and here is a detailed analysis of the nutrition that it actually contains (table is per serving which has 3 cookies or around 200 calories):
• 110 calories of fat.
• Around 12g of fat
• 3g of saturated fat.
• 20mg of cholesterol
• Sodium around 210 gm
• 19g of carbs.
• 2g of dietary fibers.
• 16g of sugar
• Protein around 6g.

How to go about cooking

this is the most important part and to help you out, here is the detailed procedure for making the gluten free peanut cookies:
• The first step is to preheat the ovens up to 350F. this is defined as the best range to help your cookies bake perfectly and have a lovely appearance as well.
• You can make use of a parchment paper to spread the cookies evenly in an ordered manner.
• Take a large bowl and beat the egg in it. Then add some sugar and stir until they mix with each other. Add vanilla extract once they mix up to enhance the appearance.
• Add peanut butter and chocolate chips to the mixture and mix them well.
• Make use of the spoon to spread the dough onto the parchment sheet and keep a gap between them as well.
• You can use the back of any fork to get the kind of pressed appearance on the sides of cookies before putting in the oven.
• Bake the cookies for around ten minutes in the preheated oven.
• After ten minutes, switch off your oven so that cookies can cool.
• After cooling them, serve them to your family and friends and gain plaudits.
• In case, you need to have them for long periods, store them in refrigerators to preserve their essence.
This dish is also a very good option for the small restaurants to help you serve some refreshing and healthy snacks to your customers. To add to this, the best thing is that it takes very less time to bake it.