How to prepare an eggless vanilla cake, ingredients required and a perfect recipe

Eggless vanilla cakes are one of the best types of cakes and give quite a delightful pleasure to taste buds. An eggless vanilla cake that is moist as well as soft along with a perfect base looks quite beautiful from appearance and can be consumed as an evening snack or can also be best served as dessert. Making an eggless vanillas cake is quite an enjoyable task, and it requires almost 50 minutes for a vanilla cake for preparation and cooking. Once prepared, the cake can be served in the slice with chocolate cream or can be consumed directly. Making a vanilla cupcake requires a perfect recipe and here’s how you need to approach and finish making an eggless vanilla cake-

Essential Ingredients

• Ingredients needed for making a cupcake are quite basic, and you need 1.5 cups of maida or all purpose flour.
• Along with this, you need one full teaspoon of baking powder and the half cup of melted butter as well as a little salt and half glass of water.
• In addition to this you would also require organic unrefined sugar and curd in sufficient quantity.
• Half teaspoon of baking soda and apple cider or you can also opt for vinegar.
• Along with this, the most essential ingredient is vanilla extract; you can also opt for vanilla powder of vanilla bean.
How to prepare vanilla eggless cake –
• The first step is quite simple, and you just required to sift the all-purpose flour in a mixing bowl with the baking powder. You can also add a little bit of salt to the mixture.
• Now you need to be prepared for the next step and get ready with every ingredient to mix the batter.
• You now need to heat up you’re with 180 C and add some butter or oil to the pan and line it with butter paper.
• The next step requires you to take some butter and go for melting it in a small pan in the microwave at a controlled temperature.
• When the butter is still in the melting process, you can mix sugar to it, stir and mix it and set it aside for the time being.
• After this, you need to whisk 4 tbsp yogurt and add to it vinegar as well as baking soda and stir it quite correctly.
• Now quite an important step, you are required to pour the whole sugar butter mixture as well as yogurt mixture into the sieved flour and after that you are needed to add vanilla extract to it.
• Once the batter has been prepared, now you are required to pour it in a baking pan and place it on the over which should be preheated.
• The mixture should be kept on heating at 180C, and you should make sure that both the bottom and top elements of the oven are maintained on.
• Once the batter has been heated for the required time, you can only take out and keep it open at room temperature for 7/8 minutes and then serve it for a mouthwatering experience.