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This tool called cupcakes near me will help your to find best local cupcake shops. A cupcake is also called as fairy cake or bun in various parts of the world is particularly a small cake that made to serve a single person. A cupcake is basically baked in the smaller box, thin paper or a cup made up of aluminum. A cupcake can be designed in various ways, and as with larger cakes, a little bit of icing and stuffing can be put to such cakes to decorate them and create a delicious taste. Anyone interested in enjoying finest of cupcakes Near can only go for cupcakes near me and consider different varieties to enjoy a delightful taste. Cupcake shops have become quite popular in past decade and today they enjoy a broad market as more number of people prefers cupcakes instead of layered cakes for celebrating an event or occasion.


History of Cupcakes

The history of cupcakes is quite old, and cupcakes first were recognized in 1796 by people when a recipe written by Amelia Simmons on how to bake light cakes in small cups got popular. Cupcakes were also made famous by Eliza Leslie’s Receipts cookbook where she mentioned 75 recipes for cakes, pastries, sweetmeats as well as cupcakes.

Two different names knew cupcakes in early 19th century, cupcake and cupcakes were both popular among people. Pottery cups and ramekins were the vessels that were used to bake cupcakes before muffin tins got popularity and cupcakes derived their name from such vessels only that represented the shape of a cup. Cupcakes went on to become popular in most parts of the world by the end of 20th century, and today there are hundreds of ways and varieties in which a cupcake can be prepared and enjoyed.

Cupcake Recipes

A cupcake being a smaller version of the cake uses many similar ingredients as used by standard cakes that are made from flour, sugar, eggs and butter. Cupcakes are easy to make and almost every recipe that is used to make a layer cake can be utilized for the preparation or baking of cupcakes. The batter that is used for making the cupcakes can be flavored or it can be stuffed or stirred with items like raisins chocolate chips or nuts and berries.


Cupcakes are small in size and are more conducive to heat conduction that is the reason why they bake much faster than normal layered cakes. The production of carbon dioxide during baking heats up the batter which cools down after gasses release after some time. Cupcakes decorated in various ways; it filled with frosting, pastry cream of fruit and cherries. The fillings for cupcakes can be injected using a syringe and it can also be done by using a scoop or knife by filling the small hole.

Varieties of Cupcakes

Mug cake is one of the most popular variants of the cupcake and it gained a lot of recognition over the internet in different parts of the world. This one cake is prepared within 5 minutes, one just needs to use the mug as the cooking vessel and can put in a microwave for a perfect preparation. The cake is made by using flour and various other ingredients and olive oil as well as sunflower oil are used to rise up the cake by crating air pockets in the mixture which is responsible for heating and the subsequent rise of the cake.

Jar cake is also a popular style of making cupcakes, in this method, glass jars are used instead of muffin tins or cupcake liners to create to prepare the cake.

Another popular variant of the cupcake is butterfly cake; this cake is also called fairy cake due to its fairy-like wings. The best thing about such cakes is that they can be prepared using any flavor and it is cut with a spoon into half and then whipped, or butter cream is put under the hole to give it a perfect taste. Once the cream is filled, then both halves are coated with buttercream to provide them with a resemblance of butterfly wings.

A very favorite type of cupcake is frosted cupcakes; these are mainly prepared to celebrate birthdays, baby showers or holidays. As a replacement to traditional layered cakes, some bakers use standard cake as a model for cupcake and frost them to create a larger design or shape with a frost cake.

Gourmet cakes have also to be recognized as very popular in recent times, these cakes are pretty large and are prepared using flavored themes such as cappuccino or tiramisu. Gourmet cakes are preferred by a wide variety of people and these sell like hot properties in baking shops in metropolitan areas.

A chocolate truffle is also a favorite type of cupcake; coated with chocolate it is round in shape like a ball. Truffle is made using crumbled cake in combination with frosting and is avoided baking.

Pans and liners

Baking a cupcake requires a perfect vessel and for this purpose pans and liners are the most suitable accessories. Pans and liners have come in use in recent times and earlier people used heavy pottery cups for baking cupcakes. Many bakers still use traditional methods for baking a cake and use ramekins, tea cups, coffee mugs, pottery utensils fit for even and big tea cups.

The most famous vessel that is used for baking of cupcakes is muffin tins. Tins are manufactured using metal, and they can be sticky as well as non-sticky. A standard muffin tin has 6 or twelve depressions or cup shape hole for the perfect shape of cupcakes. Muffin tins can be made using other materials like silicon rubber or stoneware and are basically 3 inches in size and should hold up to 4 ounces of weight. Pans come in different shapes and sizes, and they pretty much can be used for making cupcakes in any number.

Cupcake liners or patty cases that are used for baking are round sheet of paper and are used to mold the cupcake into a perfect shape. Coatings are critical and facilitate easy removal of cupcakes from the muffin tin after the cake gets baked or fully prepared. Liners help maintain a right moisturizer of the cupcake and it acts as a layer of tin, thus helps in easy cleaning of the pan. Liners can be availed in different sizes as per the requirement and help in ensuring sanitation with cake baking and distribution.

Liners basically are made using papers, but they can also be made using aluminum foil as well as silicone rubber. Most liners that are made using aluminum foil or silicone rubber can stand on their own, so these can also be used with flat baking sheets to create cupcakes according to the shape of a particular liner. Traditional liners are made using a thick piece of paper and it is rolled on the upper for providing additional strength and gives proper shape to the cupcake. Some bakers prefer the idea of using two or three paper liners together, nested into one to give more strength and bake a substantial filling with cupcakes.

Liners are also classified as paper cases and vary in size and shape and different size is considered as standard in the various countries. A standard size ship or case, the size of it ranges from 45 to 53 millimeters in respect to base whereas the height ranges from 30 to 35 mm which is 1.2 to 1.4 inches tall. On the other hand, small ones are 27 to 30 mm in size in diameter and the height of such liners is approximately about 0.80 mm.

Cupcake shops Near Me

The trend of cupcake shops gained momentum in early 21st century, a store that sells little or nothing except cupcakes is known as cupcake shops. Such shops were first developed in the United States and evoked a sense of nostalgia among lovers of cakes. Magnolia bakery which also appeared in famous TV series ‘Sex and the city’ became immensely popular. Crumb bake shop which runs is also quite famous for its cupcakes and runs the largest chain of cupcake shops in the United States. The sales of the cupcake franchise have dropped in recent times due to the competition from Mom and Pop specialty stores and grocery stores those sale cakes of similar nature at lower prices.

Another cupcake shop that got widespread popularity after it was premiered and made into a documentary by TLC is Georgetown cupcake bakery. The reality shows cum documentary consisted of six parts and highlighted facts about the shop and its owners, sisters Katherine kallinis and Sophie Lamontagne.

Themes of cupcakes

Cupcakes are quite individual and more often than not are used to celebrate certain events or special occasions based on a particular theme. Periodic table cupcakes are basically collection cupcakes that are designed and then arranged in such a manner to represent a certain element in respect to the periodic table. Periodic table cupcake theme was started in 1907 by Ida Freund who was a lecturer in UK University and she took help of cupcakes to engage and teach her female students at the University of Cambridge. This theme became quite popular and is used till today in a funny way to celebrate chemistry and increase people’s awareness of science.