Creamy Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

Butter cookies have always been a favorite of many of you and Peanut are known for their various health benefits. So, what about making some yummy peanut butter cookies at your home in just a matter of few minutes? It is actually very easy for you to bake the peanut butter cookies at your home and have a healthy snack with your family.
These cookies tend to energize you from within and as per the researchers; they tend to double up your efficiency when you have them while working. And not to forget its yummy and delicious taste that makes you go nuts makes it wise for you to bake these cookies at your home.

What are the ingredients that you need?

The first and probably the most important thing that you need to do is get all the ingredients arranged to begin the cooking. Here is a list of the ingredients that you will require to prepare peanut butter cookies:
• Creamy peanut butter around one to one and a half cup depending on the quantity.
• Two large size eggs
• Sugar around a cup (another half a cup sugar is also required for sprinkling on the cookies)
• One full teaspoon of the baking soda
• Pure vanilla extracts around a teaspoon (it will help in having yummy cookies while also making them evenly sweet.
• Coarse salt just around a quarter of a tablespoon.
Nutritional facts about the dish:
The recipe is excellent for your health which is why it has become a very popular snack around the globe. Here are the nutritional facts about the dish (calculated per serving):
• Around 394 Kcal of energy
• Fat around 22.5 gm
• Around 41.8 gm of carbs
• 11.8 gm of protein
• Cholesterol around 31g
• Sodium around 209 mg


Cooking procedure:

Without a doubt, the most important thing for you is to cook in the right manner to have a delicious and tasty cookie that you can have with friends and family. The whole process takes a period of 22-25 minutes (30 minutes when you are new to cooking or trying your first hand). Here is your step by step guide that will make it easier for you even when you are making a cookie for the first time:
• Preheat the oven up to around a temperature of 350F. This is the best range when you are looking to bake the cookies as they become ready just in a matter of minutes at this temperature range and is evenly cooked.
• Take a large bowl and mix the butter with the eggs. It is better and time-saving for you when you have an electric mixer. When you do not have the electric mixer, you can stir them using the hand mixer until they mix up.
• You need a scoop to place the cookies on the cookie sheet. The size of scoop shall be around an inch and you must maintain a gap while placing the cookies on the sheet.
• You then need to press the cookies using the fork to get the desired crosshatch pattern on the cookies. Then, you shall sprinkle the sugar on the scoops that enhance the looks of cookie considerably.
• Bake for around 10-13 minutes period evenly and after cooking them let them cool for around 10 minutes at least.
Now you peanut butter cookie is ready to serve and you can enjoy it with your family and friends. You can also store them in the refrigerator to have them in future without having to cook again.