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A café or coffeehouse is basically a type of restaurant that serves hot coffee as well as snacks and coffee beverages along with tea and many other related items. There are many coffeehouses that apart from serving coffee, also serve cold coffee as well as ice tea and cold drinks. Light snacks, muffins, cupcakes, and pastries are well familiar with coffeehouses, and they serve such items as coffee or in plain without any type of coffee. A coffeehouse is a perfect place to socialize with friends, and you could always search for best cafes near me to spend quality time with your loved ones. Whether you base your search on coffeehouse near me or cafes, it is one, and the same thing and such establishments are small in nature owned and operated by either international brands or small businessman.

Cafes serve people differently in different parts of the world, in Continental Europe; cafes serve alcoholic beverages with light food whereas in other parts of the world they act as coffeehouse of a greasy spoon which means an inexpensive restaurant. Coffeehouses in the Middle East serve as bars or lounges and provide the facility of flavored hookah. One popular type of coffeehouse is espresso bar that primarily serves espresso-based drinks to its customers. Coffeehouses have long been recognized as a place for social interaction and since the advent of Wi-Fi technology; coffeehouses also act as a place to access the internet and along with having a real time.

History of Coffeehouses

Coffeehouses are known to be present since centuries; Damascus was the first place where the first coffeehouse was opened and after that other places like Cairo and European cities followed the trend. Coffeehouses got immense popularity till the beginning of 17th century and famous French traveler, who was also a well-established writer, gave a brief description about how coffeehouse culture has become popular in Persia, and he also gave a brief narration regarding Persian coffeehouse scene.


Coffeehouses are known as cafes in most parts of the world, and café is also the most common spelling used to describe the term. French, Spanish and Portuguese countries used the similar spelling for the name and this later adopted by almost every English-speaking country in the world. This prompted the spelling ‘cafe’ to get popular worldwide, and as of now, it is the sole spelling that is used to write or speak the term. Italians, however, use the spelling cafe to denote the time and it is also sometimes employed in English to designate the end. Both coffee and café have been derived from the Italian word cafe, and both of them sound more or less quite similar.

Coffeehouses and Europe

Coffee was made popular during the Ottoman Empire during the 17th century, during this period coffeehouses were established in various place of public gathering and became instant hit masses. Venice was the first European city to create a coffeehouse in 1629 and the first Coffeehouse to be set up in England was in 1645. Coffeehouses in various parts of London from 1670 to 1685 started getting a lot of prominences and gained enormous political significance as they were being used centers for debate as well as political discussions. According to an estimate, it was revealed that by 1675, there were as much as 3000 coffeehouses in England alone.
Coffeehouses were getting familiar steadily and swiftly, and the first coffeehouse in Vienna was started in 1683 by a Ukrainian resident. The king of England, Charles II was completely against the culture of coffeehouses, and he was of the opinion that people spread scandalous reports in such coffeehouses against his rule and majesty. Coffeehouses had achieved quite significant and acted as social levelers, as they were accessible to men of all class and society and created no difference between royal and common people. Coffeehouses, therefore, were seen as a place that promoted equality and democracy and they also served as business centers where people could come and meet in numbers to discuss important issues regarding their business.

Coffeehouses in the United States

In the United States, coffeehouses got famous from espresso and pastry centers that were operated by Italian migrant in the US. Coffeehouses in America got popularity from 1950 onwards and were now used as a place for entertainment where performers were used to giving folk performances. Coffeehouses became a perfect place to entertain people with various sort of exciting activities mainly folk music and band performances. Coffee houses were instrumental in shaping the career of some of the greatest American musicians of all time and performers like Bob Dylan, and Joan Baez became famous by performing in coffee houses only.

Coffeehouses in Asia

Coffeehouses in Asia became popular quite late, and China is among first countries that witnesses surge in popularity of coffee houses in early fourth quarter of 20th century. Coffee prices in coffeehouses of China have always been higher than that of West, and their popularity is limited to the minority of the population who could afford to pay the price.
In India, coffeehouses were not much popular, and the popularity expanded in last two decade or so. International coffeehouse chains like café coffee day, Barista Lavazza have become quite popular in recent times and Indian coffee house is also quite a popular coffeehouse chain of the country. Cafes are considered quite an important place for meeting people and having fun.
Coffeehouses are known as Kopi Tiam in Malaysia and Singapore and these countries along with coffee; cafes also serve the variety of food snacks such as egg, milk, and toast, as well as melted chocolate, drinks at quite satisfactory prices. There has been the constant rise in café culture in last few years in Singapore and popular coffee joints such as star bucks and coffee bean have achieved tremendous popularity. Millennials prefer going and hanging out in coffee houses quite frequently across the world because of the cozy environment of coffee houses and their seclusion appeal. In general, the coffeehouse is surely a quiet and perfect place to meet and socialize with people and their popularity will only increase with time.